HRZLY Series Vacuum Oil-filter
  This kind of vacuum oil-filter has combined original design, compact structure, light and flexible features, low power consumption, high effect, and convenient operation together. Besides, adding high effective impurities-absorbers during the testing period can filtrate water, impurity, and harmful gas, and also improve products¡¯ quality and dielectric strength.

The main technical indexes:
Capacity of oil-purifying: 30¡¢50¡¢100L/min
Working rated pressure£º500kPa
Working vacuum degree: ¡Ü99kPa
Limit vacuum degree :£¼100kPa
Remaining water£º¡Ü5ppm
Puncture voltage ¡Ý50kV£¨electrode gap£º2.5mm£©
Air content£ºbelow0.5%
Heating power£º2¡Á2£»2¡Á3£»2¡Á3.5£»2¡Á4KW