HRSP-9 Insulation Oil Gas Chromatographic Analyzer Technical parameter:

1. Column compartment temperature£ºroom temperature +15¡æ¡«350¡æ£¬controlling temperature range: ¡À0.1¡«0.2¡æ
2. Testing room temperature: room temperature+30¡æ¡«350¡æ, controlling temperature range: ¡À0.1¡«0.2¡æ
3. Conversion temperature£ºroom temperature+30¡æ¡«350¡æ£¬controlling temperature range:¡À0.1¡æ
4. TCD sensitivity£¬ minimum detectable concentration to H2: <5ppm
5. Detectable concentration: FID to C2H2 <0.1ppm£»detectable concentration to CO¡¢CO2: <2ppm¡£

Main features:
1. It is controlled by computer, with liquid crystal display, owing the function of keyboard settings and random memory function.
2. High-performance tester and methanator, their capabilities fully meet the needs of the measurement standards to the transformer oil gas components of the Electricity Department.
3. Adopting the second triage system, the speed of analysis is fast, and reproduction quality is very good.
4.The double hydrogen flame design can test the low-content hydrocarbon and high-content CO¡¢CO2 separately, which avoid the mutual interference.
5. It uses new columns of filling material; adopt the double-strut process, which made the testing time of C2H2 beforehand, the sensitivity increased and the analysis cycle shortened.

Instrument introduction:
According to the standard published by the Electricity Department, and its preexistence--the HRSP-9 transformer oil analyzer, extensively absorbing the advantages home and abroad, the HRSP-98 transformer oil analyzer, which is designed creatively, is a multi-use gas chromatograph.
The instrument which has tester and reformer for thermal conductance and double hydrogen flame, adopting double- columns parallel current system, can analyze the soluble gases of the oil in one time
It¡¯s mainly used to test the internal faults of the electric appliance of the oil-charging power system. It has multifunction, such as the analysis of sculpture hexafluoride impurities, smokes and gases of boiler, environmental monitoring, and gases of the petroleum, industries and mines.